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17.09.2015 | Gianni Bonadonna, an emblematic figure in cancer clinical research has died
By Eduardo Cazap

A few days ago Gianni Bonnadona died, maybe one of the first clinical researchers in a time in which we clinical oncologists were called “chemotherapists” and the medical therapy for cancer was a new-born specialty.  Dr. Bonadonna was a visionary leader who, based on the methodology of clinical research in cancer, developed adjuvant chemotherapy as a study model and of the use of new concepts that were a hinge in the concept of the medical treatment for breast cancer and which later expanded to other tumoral models.

“el Gianni”, as he was affectionately called by his friends in Argentina, visited our country many times, with which he always kept a warm and friendly relationship.

In the enclosed photograph you can see Gianni Bonnadona during one of his visits to Buenos Aires, together with Argentine colleagues in 1984.

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