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Dear Colleagues

SLACOM has launched a special promotion that will be effective during the present year, by which it entitles the membership of those professionals interested at no charge during the first year of their membership.

Naturally they will enjoy all the benefits, with no restriction whatsoever, that the Society offers to its regular members, such as discounts in the registration of Congresses and other educational and scientific events; access to the web page of the Society; postulation to integrate some of the Volunteers Committees; remittance and publication of own papers for their circulation in the region; participation in the ESMO-SLACOM Award of incipient launching; and other regular services.

The existence of a very solid and active Association that integrates oncologists and other professionals associated to the specialty, constitutes for a long time now, a vital need in the Latin American & Caribbean countries.

SLACOM`s regional nature allows it to interact with competence with its similar of the rest of the World, as evident by the agreements already signed with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the American Cancer Society (ACS), for the joint development of an intense program of educational and scientific activities in our region, aiming to achieve a permanent updating of the members with material of excellence and fully updated.

In view of this, we invite our colleagues to joint our Association to intensely share the challenge that the achievement of a deep modernization of our knowledge and our resources means in honour of a better prevention and cancer treatment in all our region..

It simple requires to complete the attached registration form and send it to our Central Office to be processed and final incorporation.

Of course, the Society`s By-laws can be consulted and whatever personal inquiry your may have can be sent our contact person.

Your Membership Now

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