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29.01.2015 | Celebrating Oncology Luminaries

In the 50 years since ASCO was first started, the treatment of cancer has advanced dramatically thanks to the work of researchers behind important breakthroughs, physicians responsible for delivering those advances to patients, and countless others who contributed to the improvement of cancer care. 

Featured Oncology Luminaries were identified by several volunteer leaders of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The list of luminaries is not exhaustive, and the leaders of ASCO recognize that there are many more people throughout history who have shaped the field of oncology and advanced progress against cancer.  We hope that everyone can join with us in celebrating the accomplishments of all of these exceptional individuals, and the thousands of others who continue to work each day to advance the field. 

Eduardo Cazap, Founding President of SLACOM has been included within the group of luminaries:


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