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Various Announcements

09.09.2013 | Abelardo Meneses is the new director of Mexico’s INCan

México • The Board of Directors of the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología (INCan) designated on August 15 Abelardo Meneses as general director of said center and later on the ceremony of taking office of his position took place before the Health Secretary, Mercedes Juan.

Meneses, together with two other contenders, Vincenzo Aiello Crocifoglio y Alfonso Dueñas, presented to the members of the Board of Directors, as well as to representatives of the Public Office, Economy and the Coordinating Committee of the National Health Institutes, their project to improve the quality of the services and increase scientific research.

Meneses, who was acting as assistant medical general director of the institute while Alejandro Mohar was the acting director, considered that it is necessary to have the best tools to carry out better diagnosis —considering that 80 per cent of the cases are detected in advanced stages— and for that the different areas should be strengthened with more and better teams, as well as maintain the agreements with international universities.

The project

Meneses presented a project that will give continuity to the work of a decade of his antecessor in the sense of maintaining the agreements of research and collaboration with the American center MD Anderson and the universities of Harvard, California and San Francisco, as well as Instituto Catalán de Oncología and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Meneses’ Project also highlights the need to find therapies and drugs that improve the quality and extend the survival of those suffering cancer, or even that cure the decease which affects more than 120,000 mexicans per year and kills 80 thousand.

Mohar, satisfied

In full moving activities and picking up his last personal objects, Alejandro Mohar, last INCan director, assured that he is satisfied with the achievements obtained during a decade as general director of INCan. He pointed out that after taking vacations, as is the tradition, he will rejoin his tasks within the institute as investigator, doctor and teacher.

Mohar concluded that the important issue is to fight cancer starting from prevention, as if this health problem is not stopped, in two decades the cases will be 250 thousand a year.

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