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27.02.2013 | Ethnic Research Initiative (ERI)

ERI’s Mission is to reduce cancer incidence, morbidity and mortality in ethnically diverse populations around the globe by strategically fostering basic, epidemiological and translational research, education and mentorship.

At ERI, a non-profit organization*, they support research, education and mentorship that will help advance understanding and knowledge of ethnic determinants of cancer. 

Many ethnically diverse countries in Asia, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa lack adequate cancer services for screening and treatment and thus experience higher mortality rates compared to other countries with more advanced cancer diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, approaches to diagnosis and treatment vary greatly due to differences in cultural norms, health care systems, and socio-economic conditions. In this environment, a single approach to cancer control and prevention in all countries will be ineffective. Therefore, identification of the impact of ethnicity on cancer risk and cancer etiologies is essential.

At ERI aim is directed to fund research in areas such as molecular pathogenesis, genetics, epigenetics as well as risk factor determinations to reduce cancer incidence and mortality in these ethnic populations. ERI supports mentorships to promote excellence in scientific investigators who will advance knowledge and understanding of the ethnic determinants of cancer. ERI also further the understanding and knowledge of the medical establishment and policy makers in these communities about the impact of ethnicity on cancer.


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