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Various Announcements

14.06.2011 | Welcome to the S.I.S. Web Site

The President and all the members of the S.I.S. Board are glad to welcome all the scientists who are interested in Senology, whatever their specific field of interest.
The Society (Société Internationale de Sénologie) was founded in 1976 by Dr. Charles-Marie Gros, father of the modern breast imaging and forger of the concept of Senology.
The website appears now as completely redesigned and updated: it has been intended as a tool both to get and provide information: the use of its sections will enable the members of the Society, and not only them, to be continuously informed o­n the senologic events in the world. A restricted area will be accessible to the full members o­nly.
The website will be constantly updated. The editorial staff will answer every question, assuring any help.
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