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20.10.2009 | Breast cancer: the message that doesn’t get through
The mortality of breast cancer is decreasing in most of the industrialized countries, but in the developing world this disease continues being one of the main causes of death by cancer in women.

In Latin America each year 130.000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed.
According to the Latinamerican & Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology (SLACOM), each year 130.000 new breast cancer cases appear in the region.
And, in spite that most of breast tumors can be cured if detected in an early stage, each year thousand of women continue dying in the region.
Not all countries have figures on the incidente of the disease, but in Mexico, where they do have them, it is estimated that more than 4.200 women die each year due to breast cancer.
According to the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología de México, of the 35 women that are diagnosed each day with the disease, 32 already have tumors in advanced stages, which reduced the possibilities of success of the treatment and increases the risk of mortality.
"The message on breast cancer prevention has still not reached Latin America" said Dr. Eduardo Cazap, president of SLACOM to BBC Ciencia.
Enclosed is a translation of the article.
To read the full article (published in Spanish) by María Elena Navas visit:

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