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22.07.2018 | III Chilean Congress of Medical Students (COCEM)
July 22-27, 2018 – Campus San Joaquín, Santiago, Chile

The Congress is organized by the Scientific Academies of Medical Students of the University of Chile (ACEM UChile) and the Pontificia Universidad Católica (ACEM UC). 

Our congress starts in 2016 as a response to the need for constant updating, complement and reinforcement of the teaching received by our colleagues throughout the country, seeking to gather them once a year, for a week, to treat medical aspects of high national interest. This is how in 2016 we gathered around 600 students under the theme of Research in Biomedical Sciences, and updates in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurology, Cardiology, Surgery, and Obstetrics and Gynecology, while in our second version we gathered more than 650 students to learn about Emergency Medicine, with modules of Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Neuropsychiatry.

This year, COCEM 2018 will take place from July 22 to 27 at the San Joaquín Campus of the Pontificia Universidad Católica, and will address Chronic and Prevalent Diseases, with modular courses of Primary Care, Cardiovascular, Oncology and Palliative Care, and Mental Health and Neurodegenerative Diseases, waiting to summon 800 students from all over the country. In addition, within our masterly lectures, we will incorporate a cycle called "Vanguard in Medicine", where we hope to invite leading scientists in the biomedical area to address our congress members, showing their research in diagnostics, treatments, and discoveries that can shape the future of the practice of medicine. 

The preliminary version of the academic program is attached for respective reviews and comments.

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