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02.09.2015 | Cancer Biology & Medicine (ISSN 2095-3941)

Cancer Biology & Medicine (ISSN 2095-3941)

This is a quarterly published peer-reviewed open-access journal of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (CACA). It provides innovative and significant information on basic, translational, and clinical cancer research. The journal also publishes significant perspectives on indigenous cancer types in China, providing contents of regional characteristics. We sincerely ask for your attention to our full texts archived as open access in PubMed Central  (

We also cordially welcome you to submit your scholarly work to Cancer Biology & Medicine. The benefits for authors include: (1) no charge for publication and open access; (2) international visibility- all full texts are free in PubMed Central; (3) rapid and professional peer review; (4) publication within 3 months after submission; (5) easy submission via online system. What’s more, we will promote your contributions through cancer meetings, emails, and social media to our large audience. More details are available at the official website of the journal (



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