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Various Announcements

08.05.2014 | Launching of ehospice
Start date April 2, 2014

Since Wednesday April 2, you can Access, in absolute free manner the ehospice Latinoamérica Edition, which provides you with the latest news on progress and development of palliative cares in our region. 

Disponible online en su computadora, tabletas o teléfono celular, ehospice acercará a usted los conocimientos y experiencia en cuidados paliativos de toda la comunidad de Latinoamérica. 

With just one click, you will have access to news, research, coverage of main scientific meeting and congresses, development of policies, updates starting from individual ones up to major organizations working in the sector, personal histories and much more. 

The web address will be 

constitutes an international collaboration.  The Asociación Argentina de Medicina y Cuidados Paliativos, working jointly with other 10 organization in palliative cares of different parts of the world have as an objective helping to improve the access to knowledge and good practice in order to offer the best care to patients and families. 

The international editions are operating since October 2012, and you can access to them through 

How can you get involved in this new project?
-By sending your news, examples of innovation and good practice
-Sharing with ehospice L.A. any idea that you can have for the writing of notes, articles or photos for the galleries of ehospice L.A.
-Publicizing the existence of ehospice L.A. among your colleagues, friends and encouraging them to register in the page. 

Send your material to this mail:


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