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Various Announcements

27.05.2013 | World No Tobacco Day May 31

We are delighted to be able to share with you the news that on 31 May (World No Tobacco Day), UICC and Bupa will be launching a new partnership called 'Partnering to prevent cancer: working together to reduce global tobacco use'.

The launch event will take place at a breakfast event in Geneva, which will be attended by representatives of the FCTC Secretariat, WHO and Gobernments.

A document will be released on the day. The essence of the partnership, jointly developed by UICC/McCabe and Bupa, is partly described as follows:

With Bupa's founding support and active involvement, this new partnership will bring together UICC's global networks and Bupa's health expertise to support countries in implementing the WHO FCTC. The partnership will draw upon the McCabe Centre's internationally recognised legal expertise and Cancer Council Victoria's broad-based expertise in cancer control, and will focus activities in countries where there is strong capacity to improve existing legal and policy systems around tobacco and will target key laws and policies which are known to reduce tobacco use.


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