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Various Announcements

29.09.2017 | Launching - Postdoctoral Associate in Global Oncology at the University of Miami

We are pleased to share the launching of a new position, the Postdoctoral Associate in Global Oncology at the Miller School of Medicine  at the University of Miami (UM). This position is specifically for a Latin American doctor and will last for a period of one year at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center located at UM. The purpose of this new position is the specialization of an oncologist in the discipline of Global Oncology.

The doctor is expected to develop to be able to lead cancer control efforts, improve clinical and health results, conducting health economics research, and advocate for the improvement in their health systems upon return to their country of origin. This position will have a salary of u$s 53,000 a year plus health insurance.

Your collaboration in sharing this opportunity is appreciated. You can visit the application following this web site:


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