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Various Announcements

14.09.2017 | Official meeting between the President of Uruguay Dr Tabare Vazquez and HRH Princess Dina Mired from Jordania, President elect of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

Organized by Dr Eduardo Cazap took place in Montevideo, Uruguay on August 17th a private meeting between Princess Dina Mired and President Vazquez. During same common actions were discussed regarding the fight against cancer, specially in the LA region, and during same President Vazquez received the title of Global Ambassador of UICC for the project City Cancer Challenge CCan 2025.

This meeting served to coordinate agendas in reference specially to the next meeting in Montevideo of the World Health Organization (OMS) organizing the World Conference on Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) in order to improve policies between different areas for the achievement of goal 3.4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the NCDs.  It is hoped to reduce by one third the premature mortality on non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment.

The Conference, to be held on October 18 thru 20, 2017 in Montevideo, will be sponsored by the President ofl Uruguay.

Talks were also held about the activities to be carried out during the next Summit of World Leaders of Cancer in the city of Mexico in November 13 thru 15, 2017.


In August 15 and 16, the Argentina League of Fight against Cancer (LALCEC) carried out at the Rural the second edition of the Multidisciplinary Forum on Cancer.  The purpose of the event was to address the problem of the disease from a horizontal perspective, as well as debate and analyze among different sectors the possibilities, challenges and obstacles to face in the fight against cancer.

More than 120 prestigious speakers, among which were governmental authorities and of public organisms, specialized journalists, recovered patients, opinion leaders, celebrities and representative of different sectors, who spoke in more than ten tables during the two days.

Some of the topics covered in the Forum were: Argentina and the 3D cancer, the position of the State, NGOs and private against the disease; the role of the technologic innovation in the fight against cancer; prevention and risk factors; cancer and sports; cancer situation in Latin America; ca; the mediatic approach of the disease; beliefs and alternative medicine. Also the launch of the event "Relay for life", that LALCEC will bring to Argentina in 2018, and presented the City Cancer Challenge 2025 challenge, led by the UICC.

Attached you will find speech delivered by Princess Dina Mired of Jordania during the event.

Attached Files
Speech delivered by Princess Dina Mired
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