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27.09.2018 | II International ecancer Cancer Congress
September 27-28, 2018 Santiago, Chile

You are invited to participate in an exclusive two-day oncology meeting, which will be held at the Santiago Hotel, Santiago de Chile, from September 27 to 28.

On this occasion, ecancer will work with the FALP Oncology Institute, the IRAM Clinic, the Viña Oncology Institute, the Pontifical Catholic University and the National Cancer Institute in order to create an event dedicated to exploring the latest research and cutting-edge topics in oncology, radiotherapy and 'global access'.

The objective of this congress is to provide knowledge and bring it closer to new technologies that help it improve the results for its patients.

We estimate that we will be able to convene some 300 delegates from Chile and from other countries of the Region. The conferences will be held in Spanish.


The complete program is available here:  


Attendance to the event will cost $ 100 to attend. The price is set for convening the event as widely as possible.

You can register your place in:

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