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February 4, 2018

The World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on February 4 and unites the entire planet under a single motto to focus on the ongoing fight against cancer. The objective of this day is reduce the number of avoidable deaths each year through the awareness of cancer in the general population, and pressuring governments to undertake more measures against this disease.

The three-year campaign for World Cancer Day, "We Can, I Can.", explores how all together or individually we can help reduce the global scourge of cancer. Since cancer affects all of us in one way or the other, we can all do something to reduce the impact of this disease this disease in people, families and communities.

The World Day against Cancer (February 4) offers the opportunity to rece the opportunity to reflect on how we can commit ourselves and act. Whatever you decide to do, "We can, I can." makes a difference in the fight against cancer.

The World Day against Cancer 2016-2018 proposes actions that "We can, I can." undertake to save lives, get more equality in caring for cancer patients and make the fight against this disease a priority in the highest political spheres. . Hemos reunido datos clave y pruebas científicas para respaldar estas acciones para que, whoever you are, someone who has overcome a cancer, a companion of someone who suffers from this disease, an organization dedicated to the fight against it, caregiver, friend, employer or student, you have formación on hand in which to lean on to act.

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