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Presently, there exists in Latin America a diversity in levels of medical oncology academic titles, countries with limited resources, and a very high incidence of the disease. There is a huge need for developing coherent standards in cancer education, investigation, cancer treatment and to disseminate the information.

It is a firm conviction of the founding members of SLACOM that the development of a regional Society, composed of oncologists from different countries of the region, would have a decisive role in the education and training of its members and through them, establishing standards of treatment that will benefit cancer patients of the region.

At present, within Latin America, there is a regional organization, the Federación de Sociedades Latinoamericanas de Cáncer (FLASCA). FLASCA is a Federation consituted by cancer organizations, cancer centres, cancer leagues and different institutions. FLASCA, as well as FECS, does not have individual members.

Many countries within Latin America do have professional associations in each country, for example, the Asociación Argentina de Oncología Clínica (AAOC). They were the leaders in individual associations of countries that met in Argentina in September ´03 to discuss the possibility and the benefits of a regional society with professional membership.

SLACOM is important because it would help to:

» Expand relationship between countries in Latin America and the Caribbean,
» Integrate Latin American oncologists more strongly within the global community,
» Develop a regional criteria and standards for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer,
» Promote the growth and subsequent development of clinical investigation of cancer in the region,
» Act as a professional regional oncology organization to initiate relations with similar international oncology organizations,
» Promote and provide continuous education in oncology throughout the region.


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